Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tea Party

       My sweet great granddaughters turned 14 this year, they are cousins born in the same month 2 weeks apart and they love being with each other.
We always have a Tea Birthday Party every year. This year we wore Fascinators. The menu for the Party; The tea was Green cherry blossom. and a flowering green tea in a clear glass pot. 
Tea sandwiches, Homemade Pimento cheese, Egg salad, Peanut butter and Orange Marmalade, Deviled eggs.  For desert; Fancy cookies, Chocolate covered strawberries and Cupcakes.
  I asked this year if they were getting to old for tea party and the said no they love it. That made this grandma very happy because I love it to!
 This year the party favor is a fabric tea cup, if you look close they are setting on the plates in front of them, inside is a matching teabag that held money for them to go shopping.
 Next year I hope to take the girls to the big city Charlotte or Raleigh to have High tea for their birthday, that would be so fun. All these years I have been trying to teach them manners and etiquette so I'm sure they will be comfortable in a formal setting.


Cyndi - YaYa said...

How sweet! I love this tradition you've started.. I may have to borrow the idea and do something like this with my girls...

Marilou said...

Grandy, I love what you've made here. It's so beautiful. I imagine it was lots of work too. xo

Kimberly said...

This is such a wonderful way to spend time with your granddaughters. Your creation is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing <3

Shirley said...

I am in awe of the tea set. What an amazing creation. I also love the Tea Party celebration, and I don't think they'll ever get to old to do tea with their Grandmother.